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Boldly Chinese. Classically
American. Totally delicious.

Equal parts traditional Chinese and classic American, Chinese Spare Ribs are marinated and slow-cooked, then wok-fired in our tasty Chinese BBQ sauce. Our sauce is inspired by Char Siu, which is a traditional Chinese barbecued pork.

Spare Ribs the Panda Way

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Sometimes, a little extra time makes all the difference. That's why we cook our ribs for five long, tenderizing hours.
We wok-fire our Chinese Spare Ribs in a mouthwatering Chinese BBQ sauce.
St. Louis Cut
Our ribs are trimmed St. Louis style. That means we only use the most tender part of the rib to make this premium dish.

The Making of an Awesome Chinese BBQ Sauce

A lot of tender, rib-loving care went into the making of this sauce. With a savory blend of Chinese spices, soy sauce and sesame oil — the flavor is reminiscent of authentic Chinese BBQ.

The Key Ingredients

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Sesame Oil
This nutty oil is a Chinese kitchen staple, traditionally used as a flavor enhancer.
A sweet rice wine that's used to amplify flavor.
Red Chili
Bean Paste
A paste used to add a complex layer of sweet and spicy flavor.
Red Pepper
Dried and crushed red chili flakes are added for a hint of heat.

Traditional Chinese BBQ:
A treat for your senses

Walk into any traditional Chinese BBQ restaurant and you’ll be met with a vibrant, delectable showcase of the kitchen's finest offerings — a selection that will pique your appetite and warm your heart.

Take it all in

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The Sights
Feast your eyes on mouthwatering meats, such as pork, chicken, duck and beef.
The Sounds
The chatter of the lively kitchen staff mixed with the rhythmic sounds of the butcher block creates a delightful melody.
The Smells
Enticing aromas greet you as you walk into any Chinese BBQ restaurant.
The Tastes
Savor a variety of satisfying flavors. Stay and dine or take some home "deli-style" to share with loved ones.

Get a taste before
it's too late.

This saucy, delectable dish is only available for a limited time. Experience Chinese Spare Ribs today.

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